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Best pratices and challenges

pdfClick here to see the Best pratices and challenges of the English school boards of Québec 2009-2010 BEST PRACTICES AND CHALLENGES

On behalf of the QESBA Standing Commission on Education, it gives me great pleasure to launch the best practices and challenges document prepared in collaboration with the nine member boards of the Quebec English School Boards Association. The idea for gathering and sharing information on some of the most amazing achievements in education today came from the observation that we have been too modest in sharing information about the practices we use to deliver services to the 110 000 students in our English elementary and secondary schools, adult education and vocational training centres across the province.

This best practices and challenges document highlights the outstanding achievements and concerns of our nine member school boards. For more in-depth information we would ask that enquiries be directed to QESBA. The office will then direct enquiries to the appropriate source. As the concept for the collection of information evolved, the Commission felt it wise to start with what could only be described as scratching the surface when it comes to best practices. We hope that, based on use and feedback, the format will evolve on its own, to one that is most efficient in representing the best in English education in Quebec.

We know our members want to know about and share in our successes, but equally important, it was felt that knowledge of the major concerns faced by our boards is necessary for sound planning and decision making. To that end, each of our nine boards has expressed challenges they face locally as well as concerns common to all of us.

We hope this information will be useful to all who wish to know our system better.

John Ryan

Chair, QESBA Standing Commission on Education